CIDM empowers the youth of Haiti through a saving knowledge of Jesus Christ and Bible-based discipleship. Through Christ this generation will dramatically impact the future of Haiti, helping make a broken country whole.

2017 Focus of Ministry Activities

  • New Life Discipleship Bible Study
  • Public School Bible Teaching
  • Day of Discipleship Event
  • Biblical Leadership Training
  • Summer Classes
  • Soccer Team
  • Coordinate and host US mission Teams

2017 Vision Expansion

  • Lease a facility for CIDM. The existing meeting place for New Life Discipleship (NLD) bible study is too small for the growing group and has no electricity. (for the past 3 1/2 years, we’ve been meeting in a public school classroom – at no charge). Additionally, we need an office for our staff to work (they’ve been working out of their homes).
  • Purchase all equipment and seating required for a new facility
  • With new facility, host various gatherings during the week (Nights of Prayer, Nights of Worship, New Believers Classes, Purity Classes, etc.)
  • Expand the public school Bible teaching into more schools and add 1-2 more full time Bible teachers ($400/mo/teacher needed)
  • Have 1 Day of Discipleship Event for New Life Discipleship
  • Plan and host 2 separate 1-week long church mission teams
  • Dave & Darlys travel to Jacmel, Haiti 2 times